Youth Ministry

Do you have a teen who is searching?

“So I ask you: Are you looking for empty thrills in life, or do you want to feel a power that can give you a lasting sense of life and fulfillment? Empty thrills or the power of grace? To find fulfillment, to gain new strength, there is a way. It is not a thing or an object, but a person, and he is alive. His name is Jesus Christ.” Pope Francis

Our Youth Ministry is not confined to our parish. Our teens have joined with other parishes in the mountain communities. Together they help sponsor a Youth Mass every month at one of the four parishes and are always on the lookout for fun and faith-based activities.
Join the Mountain Disciples as we plan trips, such as the West Coast Walk for Life, Camp Emmaus, and Steubenville SanDiego. Or just hang out and make S’mores and play games

We can always use Parent Volunteers!

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