Thank you for volunteering to be an usher. As you know, Queen of Angels Parish is a friendly and welcoming community. As an usher, you play a vital part of welcoming parishioners and making them feel part of this great community. We invite you to find joy in what you do so that you will be able to help our parishioners to find joy.


  • Smiling and welcoming personality
  • Must be a registered member
  • Commitment for renewal training/program
  • Remember your ministry is one of HOSPITALITY

Arrive 15 minutes early for ushering and wear your Usher name tag and jacket. Locate the lead usher and tell him/her you are available to assist them. Glance at the bulletin board in the sacristy to make sure any special instructions are posted for Mass.

Ensure the collection baskets, The Messengers, and any other handouts are in the proper places before Mass.

If you are unable to be an Usher for your Mass then you are responsible to find someone to cover for you. No one else is responsible for this but You. If you cannot find someone to cover for you then call the lead usher for assistance. All Usher's phone numbers are on the sheet, call the office if you do not have one. In order to update your phone number and email account please call the office.

On holy days of obligation arrive 15 minutes early and talk to the priest to see if there are any changes you should be aware of.

Stand outside the church/near the door while greeting people before Mass and after Mass to hand over the Messenger.

Attend to newcomers to Mass. Introduce yourself and welcome them to the parish. Offer newcomers directions to the restrooms, calming room, etc. If and when possible introduce newcomers to the priest or parish staff.

Dress appropriately for Mass. No jeans or inappropriate clothing.

Gently offer assistance to anyone who appears to need help. Wheelchair locations are available in the first rows and at different locations in the church. Locate empty spaces and help people needing assistance. Find out if disabled persons need communion brought to them and if so, let the priest or communion ministers know about it.

Especially at 10:30 am Mass and holidays such as Christmas and Easter locate empty seats and seat latecomers as they arrive and avoid distracting others.

Make sure to select people to carry gifts for the offertory. Ask their names, thank them, let them know when you proceed with the baskets for collection to come stand in the back of the church where you will give the offering, unconsecrated “bread & wine”, to them to bring forward to the priest. Instruct them to bow after the gift is presented to the priest.

Help keep order at communion. Encourage people to go to communion by rows. Please keep an eye on people to make sure they consume the Host. They are not supposed to carry the Host out of the Church. You have every right to tell them politely to consume the Host and if they do not consume it get it from them; you can either consume or give it to the priest.

If you find the consecrated Host on the floor or in the pews you may either consume or give it to the priest/deacon.

After Mass, as needed, direct people to the multi-purpose room for coffee or to the appropriate areas for receptions, sign-up sheets, and other parish activities. In order to guide people about various parish activities read and become familiar with the Messenger prior to Mass

Open the church doors for the assembly’s departure only after the recessional has actually begun. Hand out the Messenger & offer kindness such as “God bless you” or “Have a nice week” or a smile.

Pick up litter or any personal items accidentally left behind after Mass and deposit personal items at the entrance to the Church or in the parish office.

And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken; and they were all filled with the HOLY SPIRIT, and they spoke the word of God with boldness.”

Acts 4:31

How to Get Involved

If you would like to receive training for this ministry, please contact the office at 619-445-2145 or You may also fill out the form on the left. You can be scheduled for the Mass time your family normally attends.


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